Why It Matters

Tramaine Johnson

Father to Father, Inc.

Tramaine Johnson first came to Father to Father in need of help obtaining visitation rights.

While he wanted to build a relationship with his children, he struggled to communicate with their mother and often found himself simply waiting around for her to allow him occasional moments.

The Father to Father staff, understanding the importance of father engagement and consistency in the lives of children growing up, quickly stepped in to mediate conversations between the two parents.

Consistency is a vital aspect of effective parenting and plays a key role in our parenting classes across the state. It is important for children to feel like they can rely on their parents to support them as they grow up. Fathers who are unable to honor their commitments may have trouble establishing trust, which is necessary for all healthy relationships.

Because of Father to Father, staff members, Johnson now has the opportunity to visit with his children on weekends and holidays. His relationships with his children have improved greatly, as has his relationship with his children's mother.

Now, as his children grow up, they will have a father in their lives that they know they can count on. Johnson worked hard for a chance to be a better father to his kids and his entire family will benefit.