Who We Are

Our History

We’ve positively impacted more than 25,000 SC fathers and 56,000 SC children.

We’re part of an organization—the Sisters of Charity Health System—that’s been dedicated to creating healthier communities for more than 150 years.

Since opening our doors in 2002, we have worked tirelessly to expand fathers’ rights and help men be great dads.

1997: Engaging fathers to reduce child poverty

The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families grew out of a statewide initiative launched in 1997 by The Sisters of Charity Foundation to reduce child poverty by re-engaging fathers with families. Operating as a public-private partnership with the S.C. Department of Social Services, the initiative showed great promise.

2002: Sustaining and expanding our work

The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families was established in 2002, to sustain and expand the fatherhood initiative.

2006: National recognition for fatherhood initiatives

The Center became one of 100 fatherhood initiatives nationwide to receive a federal grant from the Office of Family Assistance (OFA) and was recognized as one of the most successful OFA funded programs in the country.

2007: Adding healthcare to our services

As we developed community fatherhood services, we found a high percentage of fathers in our programs suffered from multiple health problems, had poor eating habits and did not have health insurance. In 2007, we added access to health care, a comprehensive approach to care and education for non-custodial fathers.

2015: Building a network to reach fathers where they are

With a long-term commitment from the S.C. Department of Social Services, we significantly expanded our network of community-based programs in 2015. The Center provides technical support and funding for these programs, in addition to raising awareness of fatherhood issues statewide. We also collaborate to collect and analyze data, so that programs can be evaluated and adapted to better meet fathers’ needs.

2017: Incorporating digital media

Those data-driven insights led us to create Father 365 in 2017. We discovered that many men in our programs didn’t have computers but used their phones to find information. Built specifically as a tool for fathers, Father 365 provides resources such as parenting tips and a child support guide, plus inspiration for fathers to reconnect with their children.

Today: Providing a unique national model

We guide the work of several local fatherhood organizations. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are one of the nation’s largest, longest-running and most respected statewide fatherhood networks, unique in scope and in its service delivery model in the U.S.