Fatherhood Issues

Helping Fathers
Find Their Way

From complex legal systems and financial demands to emotional family dynamics, fathers can face a lot of challenges and stress.

On top of that, many young and low-income fathers lack the life experience, education, confidence, and resources to be successful parents, maintain their health, or get good jobs. The Center provides resources, programs, and coaching to help fathers navigate family, legal, and personal issues.


Addressing why fathers struggle to financially support their children helps them meet this obligation.

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Establishing Paternity

Establishing legal paternity helps fathers secure their rightful place in children’s lives and can be critical to protecting a child’s best interests, too. 

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Mistakes made years ago can prevent a father from getting a better paying job. In many cases, we can help fathers erase S.C. criminal records.

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Part of responsible fatherhood is spending regular quality time with your child. Here’s how to work through obstacles and create positive interactions.

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Getting a job, keeping a job and earning a better wage—helping fathers build the skills they need is good for everyone.

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Many fathers have never had positive role models to look up to or the chance to learn what good parenting looks like.

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Healthy Relationships

The ability to work well with their child’s mother and other adults in their lives is a goal we help fathers work toward.

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Men’s Health

With lots of stress, little money and no insurance, many dads need health care and ways to access it.

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