What We Do

Responsible Fatherhood Programs & Classes

We provide fatherhood education.

Our programming is holistic and comprehensive, designed to help fathers in every area and stage of their lives.

While many organizations provide parenting programs, our local organizations concentrate on the unique role of the father and his impact.

We not only provide educational tools for fathers but also practitioners and the community at large. Our goal is to help men, families and the systems that support them learn how re-engaging fathers is vital to the health and well-being of children, families and communities. Some men join voluntarily. Others are court-ordered to attend. All fathers receive the same services—including a support network that can help them solve long-standing problems.

Our Core Curriculum For Responsible Fatherhood

Employability Development Boot Camp

In this intense program, men explore careers paths, expand their networks, prepare resumes and build interview skills to get the jobs they want. Participants learn how preparation, perseverance, follow up and self-discipline pays off.


With a focus on what children need to thrive, participants learn how to build a child’s self- esteem, understand effective discipline, and define what quality time really means. Working with the other parent to provide structure, establishing paternity and visitation, and exploring ways to be a good role model are also covered.

Economic Mobility

Economic Mobility is designed to develop the worker or those desiring to accelerate within the world of work to view themselves as a provider for self and their families and to plant the necessary foundation for their future. It focuses on the attitudes, skills and workplace interactions of someone who is currently employed but desiring to move up in their employment or find new employment.

Healthy Relationships

Men look at their personal histories, how they view relationships and how those things affect the way they interact with others. They learn skills for building the healthy relationships that can improve life for their children and for themselves.

Men’s Health

Being able to care for others begins with taking care of your personal health. This curriculum is a part of the holistic approach in helping fathers live healthy productive lives. The focus includes general health, sexual health and substance abuse. The curriculum is delivered by a nurse practitioner or local medical professional and includes health screenings.

Our services are offered at no cost to program participants.
All we require is commitment.