Who We Are


We’re a premier national fatherhood initiative model that supports families, builds communities and prevents child poverty.

Our mission is to provide the means for fathers to be great dads.

We bring attention to problems, policy challenge and best practices, then tackle issues that unintentionally keep fathers and children apart. Our work is motivated by families and shaped by evidence.

Quantify our impact.

We measure the impact of our work to make informed decisions and achieve a strong return on investment. The Center and local programs collect quantitative and qualitative data and provide cost-benefit analysis whenever possible. 

Share lessons learned with key people.

We support the important role of fathers by sharing lessons learned through local programs with key people, which include: social workers, attorneys, public policymakers, judges, law enforcement, educators, business leaders, healthcare professionals, employers, other family members, members of the religious community and fatherhood and family service organizations across the United States.

Focus on quality improvement.

We use data to create a culture of continuous quality improvement. All local programs use the same database in order to capture our collective story by the numbers.

We’re working to elevate fatherhood because it’s a proven way to lift up children and families. Children lead happier, healthier, more successful lives when responsible fathers are actively involved.