November 6, 2020

The Dad Facts Campaign Phase Two

DadFacts BB

Phase Two of The Dad Facts campaign began this month and will focus on positive outcomes that occur when dads are present and engaged in their children’s lives. Phase Three messaging (January 2021) will feature the most effective messages from the first two phases based on tracking of prior audience engagement.

Since the launch of the campaign, the Center has seen a considerable increase of 48% in traffic to our website homepage and directly to The Dad Facts campaign page. Most new visitors are coming to the site through direct campaign links on social media, search engine marketing (keyword search) or digital ads being pushed to targeted audiences. More than 60% of traffic is coming from mobile devices (cell phones). Billboards across the state (currently 21 boards) are also contributing to campaign engagement, providing an estimated 2.5 million weekly impressions. The 24-week campaign will conclude in February and serve as precursor to the release of our 2020 Impact Report.