November 6, 2020

Littlejohn Presents At 2020 Kentucky Fatherhood Summit

Pat Virtual

SCCFF President Pat Littlejohn was asked to present at the 2020 Kentucky Fatherhood Summit. The three-day, virtual summit was entitled “Equity, Empowerment, Engagement & Economic Stability Impacting Families & Communities through Positive Fathering and was held October 27 – October 29. Remarks from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshar opened the summit.

“Creating a Successful Statewide Coalition” was Littlejohn’s topic which she presented on Thursday, October 29 to this annual gathering of key fatherhood advocates and practitioners from across Kentucky. As leader of the nation’s only statewide network of fatherhood organizations, Littlejohn discussed the process for promoting and institutionalizing fatherhood engagement, empowerment and economic stability to further enhance outcomes for children and families.

For 20 years, Littlejohn has led the efforts to build an interdisciplinary network that includes fathers, service providers, child support agencies, healthcare providers and schools.

Other summit presentations included topics such as Fatherhood and Co-Parenting, Prioritizing and Enhancing Father Engagement, and Overcoming Barriers – Expungement & Other Services.