September 1, 2022

Fatherhood Focus - Clarence Gibson, Midlands Fatherhood Coalition

What was your life like before coming to MFC? - 

My life was out of control, and my wife and I were upset about everything. Depression was taking over, and we had just lost hope!


How did you hear about the program? 

A DSS caseworker referred me to Midlands Fatherhood Coalition.


Let’s talk about your experience in the program.

My specialist was Mr. Chris, and we had a wonderful relationship. Mr. Chris was very honest and kept it 100 with us. He supported my wife and I the entire time, and even to this day he supports us! I really enjoyed the program -- the classes provided great information, Mr. Chris kept in touch with DSS weekly, providing progress reports, and he also prepared a progress report for the court. 


How did your life change through your participation in the program?

My wife and I were able to get jobs, we found a new place to live, and we were able to gain full custody of all our children.


Words of advice to fathers considering the program?  

I would inform the dads to stick with the program, it works!