July 14, 2021


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Coming home from prison last year meant change for Scotty Miles, father of two. “I went to the DSS office, and they said they cannot do anything because they were not involved anymore and sent me to A Father’s Way. I started doing the classes and it just really helped me a lot.”
Having been away for 3 years, when I returned, I went to get my son from his mom who was caught up with a drug dealer and found him with a random guy wearing no diapers and just running around naked, so I took him,” he shared. Unfortunately, “with some pending charges they couldn't give me my son, so they came for him. I was bad on drugs, but I have been clean for close to 5 years.”
In Miles’ words, “both of my sons' mothers don't care.” For my son’s mother, after multiple failed drug tests and never making appearances when she had to visit,” it became evident.” When I went to court for my son, A Father’s Way was very influential, and I was able to get custody on May 14, 2021.
“Never seeing my daughter since she was born has been tough, but I plan to get her soon. I have been calling every day since I got out but nothing. While paying my debt to society, her mother lost her,” he said. Constantly messaging those she is in foster care with and receiving no response, I have not been able to see her at all. They just sent me child support documents a week ago, so I go to court next week to figure out how much I’d be paying. I know that will give me grounds at least so that’s fine,” Miles said.
I took over my dad’s company contracting with UPS and that takes care of me.
“I wanted my kids to have unique names, so I tried with their middle names,” Miles shared. My son is Nicholas Jace Miles, and he is 7 years old and turns 8 on July 3. My daughter is Leeanah Letty Miles and is 6 years old and turns a year older on October 31.” Letty’s name is from Fast and Furious just in case you’re wondering.
In closing, Miles told us “What I have picked from the program is how important it is to pay attention to detail – especially how they feel. One thing that stuck with me was “think about when you were a kid.” 
“Instead of yelling, even when they annoy me, I try to handle it better. I have never been one to be impatient with my children, but when you get kids, you realize sometimes they can get under your skin. A Father’s Way bettered me as a father.”