February 10, 2022

Father Focus Story: Anthony Dorman, A Fathers Way

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I am originally from Philadelphia, PA, and moved to the Carolina region due to a job advancement within the banking industry. After being in the area for about three years, I married a long-time girlfriend from my hometown. We had three children, but our marriage did not go as planned and ended after four years. One of the primary drivers of our separation was financial stability. To be more specific, six months prior to our divorce, I was laid off from my job. This, and being unemployed for longer than expected, exacerbated family issues which led to divorce. Most say that in divorce, everyone loses, and I would agree, yet a few wins culminated from this experience.


In my quest to find information on legal help in South Carolina, I was given the number to a non-profit then called The Lancaster Fatherhood Program (now called A Father's Way). I rushed to call and got a gentleman on the phone by the name of Rodney Watts. He did an over-the-phone evaluation and set me up for an in-person meeting within the week. After our meeting, I learned that A Father's Way provided much more than legal help; they gave me a chance to talk to people experiencing similar issues yet were adamant about discussing solutions. Now that I have completed the program, I have become active alumni at A Father's Way and am more active in the community and in my family.