June 16, 2022

Father Focus: Saai Smith, Man 2 Man

Saai Smith has been enrolled in the fatherhood program at the Man 2 Man organization since February. He is a father to four children and worked part time with his father’s trucking business. When Saai started with the program, one of his areas of focus was responsibility – he had trouble in particular keeping up with his children’s doctor’s appointments, following up with their everyday necessities, and also with his work ethic. His self-esteem was low, causing him to remain socially secluded and also talk and feel negatively about himself. He loved his family, though, and he wanted to do better for his children.

Since joining the program at Man 2 Man, Saai has developed a much better mind set to be supportive for his family. He attends group sessions and has completed the Parenting component of the curriculum. Saai has even learned ways to have a more healthy relationship with his own father, resulting in turning his attention to himself, his responsibilities as a father and his own approach to life. Through his attendance at one of the organization’s Fatherhood Panel discussions, he has learned how to be kinder to himself and is applying this to new skill to  create a positive change in his and his children’s lives.

Currently, Saai has completed his DSS treatment plan, taken his children to their medical appointments, and has continued to honor his child support obligation. He is continuing in the fatherhood program to learn even more about becoming a stronger father. The staff at Man 2 Man have also helped him to find better employment, which has led to improved options to provide for his family. He loves being a father and has a new-found confidence. The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families and Man 2 Man are proud to congratulate Saai for making positive life changes and for his efforts and commitment to being a better father!