August 29, 2019

Father Focus: Charles Perritte

Charles Perritte

Charles Perritte enrolled in Father to Father with a strong desire to be a better parent to his children. At the time, he had no contact with them or their mother, nor did he have a driver’s license to make the three-hour drive to visit them.

The staff at Father to Father facilitated a phone call between Perritte and the mother of his children. This phone call laid the foundation for Perritte to reconnect with his children with the blessing of their mother.

Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call to re-establish lines of communication and begin to rebuild a relationship that has been strained.

Now, both he and the mother of his children are committed to Perritte playing an active role as a father.

Perritte then successfully had his driver’s license re-instated, and spent the holidays with his family for the first time in several years.