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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


April 10, 2015

James Washington is back on the right road


James Washington Jr. came to A Father's Place last May as a result of a court hearing. He was the program's first Operation Works participant.

Since he was not employed, he was not paying his child support, and his license had been suspended.

Mr. Washington was very outspoken -- you could even say loud -- but not disrespectful. He attended every session but two, and those were because of family emergencies. He immediately made them up.

He is very inquisitive, and we encouraged him to keep asking questions.

He completed Boot Camp, missing no days. When he received his certificate, he was almost in tears. He said it was the first thing he had with his name on it, ever. It was a proud moment for him. As he continued to complete components, he kept earning certificates. His adrenaline went crazy, and there was no stopping him until he completed all of the components successfully.

Mr. Washington graduated in December and walked across the floor with a swagger you can't even imagine. We were all excited for him. His family and his significant other, Thomasina, were there to cheer him on.

Because of his success in the program and his determination to follow through, his license was reinstated. And boy, is he driving! He is paying his child support weekly, and comes by the program office at least twice a week to bring in his receipt, or just to say hello.

When James entered the program, he openly admitted that he could neither read nor write that well. We suggested a literacy tutor for him. He shared that with his family, and they were all excited for him. Our program specialist Jonathan Bennet took him for literacy testing, and Debra Tunstall at the Horry County Literacy Council went in hot pursuit of a tutor for him.

Today, A Father's Place is elated to celebrate these milestones:

  • James is employed as a car detailer.
  • He pays his child support.
  • His license has been reinstated.
  • His literacy sessions are underway.

James is a model of how the fatherhood program works for those who want it, and work for it.