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What is the mission of the SC Center for Fathers and Families?

The mission is to provide the means for fathers to become great dads.

What is the role of the SC Center for Fathers and Families?

In addition to its role as an advocate for fathers and families,  the Center provides resource development support, coordination, and programming technical assistance for its network of community-based fatherhood programs serving low-income fathers and families across the state. Based upon the work of local fatherhood programs and the Center's extensive experience, the Center helps to inform practitioners, policy-makers and the general public about the importance of father involvement, father-friendly policies and quality fatherhood programming.

Is there someone who can speak to our organization about father absence?

The Center coordinates a speakers bureau which consists of local fatherhood program practitioners, Center staff and subject-matter experts, all available to speak to your organization.  Visit our speakers bureau page for topics and possible speakers.

Do you help pay child support?

The Center does not help pay child support; however, through our local fatherhood program and information on our website, we provide extensive information to help you better understand and navigate the child support system.  

Do you provide legal advice or a lawyer to help with child support, custody, or visitation?

The Center does not provide legal advice and regrettably we do not have attorneys on staff who can provide individual legal counsel.  Our website contains significant information about child support, custody, or visitation.  If you need an attorney, contact a local fatherhood program near you and they may recommend an attorney who understands child support issues and may help you at a reasonable rate. 

How do I or someone I know sign up for a fatherhood program?

Please contact a local fatherhood program near you or stop by for a visit to learn more about the program and if it can help you.  There is no charge for participating in the program.