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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


Noah Henderson

Noah Henderson is a young motivated father with drive and ambition to be the best man/father he can be. He came into the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition on a volunteer basis seeking help with direction and guidance on how to become a well-rounded father as well as seeking assistance with obtaining employment and furthering his education. Noah set goals for himself for the duration of the program and some of those goals have been accomplished already.   

Noah registered with SC Works a company that helps job seekers gain employment. Due to the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition's relationship with SC Works, Noah was able gain assistance and enrolled in Greenville Technical College for Construction Engineering. Prior to enrolling in school, Noah scored 12.9 on each section of the TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education). The scores he obtained on each section of the test had not been achieved in the past ten years.  

Mr. Henderson recently obtained employment at Southern Culture as a cook and is able to take care of his financial obligations of child support and is enrolled in parenting education classes to enhance his parenting skills. Noah Henderson is a prime example of how the program works if you put forth the effort, change your mind set and focus on the goals you set for yourself to obtain.


Carlton Fisher enrolled as a voluntary participant  in the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition in May 2008. Since enrolling, Carlton has worked hard at accomplishing all of his goals in his one man plan. When enrolled he was unemployed and had no transportation. His goals were to find employment, get back on the right track, provide transportation for himself and possibly enroll in school. While enrolled, Carlton has been a very reliable participant, participating in a number of classes as well as non–related activities such as basketball on the weekends with fellow participants. Carlton is current with his child support payments, has purchased and insured a vehicle, enrolled in Greenville Technical College and maintains a neutral relationship with the mother of his son.


Crystal, a court-ordered participant as an Alternative to Incarceration  has successfully completed part one of her one man plan in getting full time employment and obtaining housing. She is the mother of five children and pays support for two (twins).  Crystal works production and seeks to improve her employment status by completing her requirements for obtaining her GED. She enrolled with the YMCA for GED assistance and someday soon plans to enroll into post secondary education for nursing.

She is in the process of now starting and completing a twelve week parenting class offered with the fatherhood program. This will help her to complete a treatment plan to possibly receive her twins from a third party. Crystal has monthly visits with her twins due to transportation issues .This will be her final step in achieving her goals for completion in the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition.


When I joined the Fatherhood Initiative I was a convicted felon, former drug dealer/addict, owed $11,000 in child support, was separated from my wife and couldn't see my children. The program helped me define and achieve my goals. I obtained my GED and went to Spartanburg Technical College. Program staff helped me modify my child support and reduce the arrearages. I now have custody of one of my three children and visit regularly with the other two. I also completed real estate training, obtained my license and presently live in my first home. I thank God for leading me to the Coalition and to a new life.

Kadeja and Shadeja

When our Dad joined the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition, he joined US! Daddy has been around more often to play with us, go on field trips, read to us and just be our Dad. Thanks!


At the time my son's father enrolled in the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition, we were unable to speak more than 5 minutes without arguing. After the first day, I saw a change. Through mediation, we learned how to listen to each other and attempt to see the situation from the other person's point of view. There is now a definite difference in his attitude and behavior. I would recommend this program to fathers who want to strengthen their relationship with their child and their child's mother.