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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families

Director's Message

Welcome, welcome and thank you for visiting our site. The Upstate Fatherhood Coalition is a collaboration of community agencies providing a support system for fathers and families. We are providing services in the Upstate of South Carolina by way of the statewide fatherhood initiative coordinated by the SC Center for Fathers and Families. 

Too many young people cannot obtain their full potential in America. Children who live without a father become disconnected from the support, help and opportunity that a two-parent family offers. Young people who have father involvement have a better chance to succeed.

Children who live in many single-parent households display an exceptional resilience in the face of overwhelming external forces, and they do beat the odds. However, for too many children, the isolation, fear and lack of support they experience in these single-headed households compromise their future.

The Upstate Fatherhood Coalition envisions fathers actively seeking information and gaining access to educational resources to meet their parenting goals. We foresee fathers (parents) having appropriate legal rights to interact in the lives of their child(ren). We foresee each father with personal and professional skills necessary to live in today's ever-changing society and, thereby, supporting and maintaining a stable family environment. We foresee fathers effectively communicating with the mothers of their children to foster a positive family relationship.

We know that re-engaging fathers in the lives of their child(s) is a long and difficult process, but we are determined to break the cycle of father absence. The goal of the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition is to increase the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children by assisting with employment, helping to negotiate child support issues, providing peer support, developing parenting and relationship-building skills, and facilitating the creation of team-parenting plans between unmarried mothers and fathers.

Again thank you for visiting our website. We ask that you join us as we strengthen our society by "strengthening fathers to nurture their children and families."


B. Kelly Walker
Executive Director

Phone: 864-241-4464