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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


September 28, 2015

Darren Barbour, a Man 2 Man success story

Darren Barbour faced issues with his eldest son's mother about visitation.

He came often to the weekly peer sessions at Man 2 Man, but at first was very quiet. Staff worked with him one-on-one to teach him how to properly communicate with the mother of his child. Once he saw that the staff cared, he became more comfortable about speaking up, and participated more in sessions.

He also struggled in finding employment, but is now gainfully employed.

His relationship with the mother of his child has improved due to his improved communication skills.

Best of all, he is spending more time with his son, putting him on the bus for school every day.

With the program, he has been able to build his confidence, improve his relationship with his children's mother, provide for his children and pay his child support.

For all those reasons, Darren was selected to represent Man 2 Man on our special Father's Day website celebrating Dads across the state.