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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


The Fatherhood Program has taught me how to be a better father to my three sons, ages 8, 14, and 20. We are now a family and I want to see my sons grow up to be strong, self-sufficient men. Most of all it has taught me to more respectful to my wife, and to reach for a better quality of life by making positive decisions. Together we are working to make a difference.

- Mack, Lancaster Fatherhood Project participant

Because of the Fatherhood Program my daddy has changed, he no longer does things to make me unhappy.

- Deverett, son of a Lancaster Fatherhood Project participant



Through the Fatherhood Program my child's father and I have learned to communicate better. This program taught us that for the sake of our child we must be able to talk through our feelings. Her future depends on us doing the right thing.

- Shatara, mother of child of Lancaster Fatherhood Project  participant