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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families



Quentin Wright is a  24 year-old, non-custodial father of  one. Quentin's daughter Jady, age 3 is the center of his world, but like many of our fathers he was faced with some trouble times that would affect the relationship with Jady.

Quentin was on court ordered child support, but was unable to make any payments. Due to prior drug charges on his record, Quentin was having a difficult time finding employment. Backed into a corner, Quentin felt trapped by his past and needed help.

After hearing about A Father's Place from a friend currently enrolled in the program, Quentin decided to take a chance and seek help. During his first session he decided right then and there that he wanted to change his life so he could be the father that Jady needed.   

Upon enrolling in the A FatherÂ’s Place program in Horry County,  with the help of the staff, Quentin developed his "One Man Plan". QuentinÂ’s goals included finding employment, reducing his child support arrears, and improving the relationship with the mother of his child, which would lead to more time spent with his child. 

During the one-on-one session, he expressed his passion for cooking and mentioned he would like to become a chef. Soon after completing A Father's Place's Job Readiness Boot Camp, he enrolled in Coastal Cooks, a culinary school for the less fortunate.

After months of hard work Quentin graduated and received a certificate of completion in March of 2012. Quentin reached his goal of becoming a chef when he accepted the head chef position at Capriz Italian Feast in Myrtle Beach. 

Throughout the entire process of Quentin improving himself, his communication with the mother of child improved. He began to utilize the communication skills, he learned through the group sessions and his time spent with his daughter increased significantly.  Today Quentin is sees Jady every week and currently has a credit on his child support payments.

Quentin states that the program has provided him with an alternate way of thinking about what is truly important in his relationships and life in general.




Before the fatherhood program, I was arguing with the mother of my child consistently and was unable to see my son due to it. I learned to be more patient and take a different approach with the mother of my son. I am now seeing my son 2 to 3 times a week and the mother and I are able to work together for our child's sake.
Warren,  a participant



We've seen a change in our daddy. He takes us to all kinds of places with him. He talks to us differently now. He kneels down when he talks to us.
Amber and Heather, daughters of a program participant