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The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families


December 14, 2012

A Woman's Success

A Father's Place not only serves men, but woman as well. We serve parents that are in need, which in turn benefits the children and family. 

Selena Dawson

When Selena Dawson came to the program, she was unemployed and struggling with a drug addiction. Upon enrollment, she had not had any contact with her oldest child in several years. She also had significant child support arrears. While in the program, she addressed issues that led to her drug dependency and overcame her need to fill a void with drugs. Selena also learned valuable job skills and gained part-time employment at a local restaurant; however that business closed.  While working there, Selena received  raving remarks concerning her good work habits and a letter of recommendation for future employment.

Determined to make a positive change, Selena diligently sought other employment and gained a part-time position with a retail chain where she was soon promoted to Assistant Store Manager. She is currently working with the same company as Interim Store Manager, which she hopes will become a permanent position. Selena now has a good relationship with her oldest son and attended his high school graduation May of this year. Selena states that she still faces challenges but has learned how to face them head on. Selena is happy about her accomplishment and says that none of this would be possible without the services she received while participating in the Georgetown Fatherhood Initiative.