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Practitioner's Perspective

Fatherhood Program pracititioners share what leading a program has meant to them.


"The Fatherhood Program means everything to me. It provides stability for fathers and their families and benefits the community. It is not only a program and process designed to nurture these men, but also give them the means to provide for their children. The fatherhood program changes the entire dynamic for any situation these fathers will encounter."
Angela McDuffie
, Executive Director, Midlands Fatherhood Coalition

"To me it means everything. The father is the foundation for the family. If we can help get our foundation properly laid then our children and families will be healthy and strong. A home cannot stand without a foundation." 
Wallace Evans, Jr.
, Executive Director, A Father's Place

"The fatherhood initiative means doing God's work and putting men back into their proper place within the family. A family is stronger when men are involved."
Kelly Walker
, Executive Director, Upstate Fatherhood Coalition