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Featured Funder

The SC Center for Fathers and Families received a $15,000 grant from the Raskob Foundation to support Access to Healthcare Services in the Lancaster, Lexington, and Marlboro program sites. Access to Healthcare Services addresses the health concerns and challenges of Fatherhood program participants by increasing low-income fathersÂ’ access to healthcare services and providing education and resources for them to improve their health. The goal is to  improve health behaviors, increase comfort levels with using healthcare services, and strengthen collaborations among community healthcare partners. The grant supports a Nurse Practitioner who provides health education, screenings, direct medical services and case management in securing primary and specialty services for men. The Raskob Foundation provides grants to Catholic organizations and programs throughout the world.

The Raskob Foundation has as its purpose to engage in exclusively religious, charitable, literary and educational activities as will aid the Roman Catholic Church and institutions and organizations identified with it. To learn more about the Raskob Foundation visit their website

Because of the generous donations from Raskob Foundation,  fathers benefit from programs not only teaching them how to be better fathers, but also providing resources to strengthen them physically and emotionally for their children. To learn more about our Access to Healthcare Services, click here.