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How Marriage Benefits Children

You may already know what it is like to have grown up without a dad. Your own father might have caused your family more harm than good; but, you do not have to repeat that pattern for your children. Marriage is one way to help you become the dad you never had.

Kids that are raised by parents in healthy marriages are:

  • More likely to do well in school and go on to college
  • Physically and emotionally healthier
  • Less likely to be raised in poverty
  • Less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Less likely to commit delinquent behaviors
  • Less likely to be a victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • More likely to have a better relationship with their parents
  • Less likely to divorce when they get married
  • Less likely to father a child in their teenage years
  • Less likely to be sexually active as teenagers, and less likely to get sexual diseases
  • More likely to receive moral, spiritual and physical support