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How establishing paternity helps children

How does establishing paternity help children?

Children benefit when fathers establish legal paternity.

Boosts Self Esteem

Children respond best when they receive love and support from both parents. They gain a sense of belonging and benefit knowing that both of their parents care for them. It is important that they know who their father is and that he cares about them

Creates Family Identity.

When children know they are part of a family, they are likely to be more secure in who they are. Establishing paternity identifies the father's side of the family and encourages development of a relationship with his family.

Enables Shared Parenting.

Parenting is the responsibility of both the father and the mother. Studies show that early establishment of paternity may lead to increased involvement by the father which often results in a decrease in high risk behavior by the children. More resources are available when both parents share the responsibility of raising their child.

Provides Health History

Establishing paternity helps establish the child's health history. It is important for children and their physicians to know the family's medical history.

Other Benefits Offered

Participation by both parents may expand children's access to health insurance and/or benefits such as Social Security or inheritance.