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Responsible Fatherhood

Fatherless fathers. Fatherless children. It is time to stop the vicious cycle that hurts South Carolina families and communities and costs taxpayers unnecessarily. While a few South Carolina programs reach out to low-income fathers, only programs delivered by the SC Center for Fathers and Families exhibit extensive experience and a full menu of services uniquely designed to help men build the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to become responsible fathers and cooperative co-parents.

Make no mistake mothers are incredibly important to a child's well being. However, society has slowly acknowledged fathers' unique, vital contributions to child development. Consistent input from the different perspectives of both parents yields the largest benefit when raising, nurturing and guiding children into responsible adulthood.

Some fathers choose to be uninvolved in their children's lives and have earned the label, deadbeat. Low-income, unmarried fathers, especially, face unwarranted and seemingly insurmountable barriers to participate in their children's lives despite longing for and loving them. Recognizing these barriers is the first step toward understanding their plight and designing responsible fatherhood programs that can aid them in overcoming these barriers.

Many fathers only seek help when a crisis looms; however, fatherhood programs focus on long-term-life-changes, not quick fixes to problems-of-the-day. Therefore, fatherhood programs are designed to holistically address all domains of fatherhood and to help fathers change behaviors that lead to repeated problems. Essential program services must be in place to address the most common barriers to responsible fatherhood and to help men achieve their goals.