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Fatherhood And Foster Care

The increasing numbers of the foster care system provides evidence of South Carolina's children growing up without active engagement on the part of either biological parent. South Carolina ranks high in number of children in foster care most often as a result of abuse and neglect. Too often non-custodial fathers are overlooked as an alternative placement for children being removed from the care of the custodial mother for abuse or neglect. At best a non-custodial father should be engaged in decision making and development of a parenting plan even if he was not positioned to become a temporary or permanent placement candidate. As a result, the Center and SC Department of Child Support Enforcement have entered a multi-faceted Memorandum of Understanding to work collaboratively to increase the safety net for children and to engage fathers especially in the instances of abuse and neglect. The collaboration has included:
  1. Revised protocols to improve the diligent search for non-custodial fathers

  2. Developed and implemented father-friendly training for CPS workers

  3. Developed a pilot project where non-custodial fathers whose children are removed from the custodial mothers' care are referred to a local fatherhood program for supportive services so that these fathers may move into consideration as the alternative placement and can become a key part of creating a safe and healthy living arrangement for their children.

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