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Admittedly, many workforce development personnel believe that the risks are high working with hard-to-employ, low-income, non-custodial fathers, and that preparing them for employment offers questionable returns-on-investment. However, fathers in fatherhood programs are working to change their lives for the better; and, they truly want a second chance. Fatherhood program services help reduce the risk of failure expanding the success rate of these fathers, thus, increasing the return on Work Force Investment.

Benefits of working with fathers in a Fatherhood Program:


Fathers are motivated

  • Voluntary
  • Court-ordered
  • Self-aware/mature

Fathers are supported

  • One Man Plan
  • Case management to address barriers between getting and keeping a job
  • Assistance navigating systems such as child support, workforce development, healthcare and family
  • Fathers are taught connection between employment and parental responsibility
  • Peer support among fathers promotes and teaches good decision making

Fathers are more likely to succeed in Workforce Development

  • Receive WorkKeys courseware
  • Receive transportation to job training
  • Receive individualized attention to develop a workforce preparation and employment plan
  • Attendance at training is tracked.

Fathers are more likely to get and keep a job

  • Fatherhood job recruiters work with employers while fathers are in training
  • Job recruiters help educate fathers about government assistance such as tax credits, bonding, etc.
  • Receive training in soft and job readiness skills
  • Develop reputation of being good employees
  • Receive on-going case management and coaching after becoming employed
  • Receive transportation assistance
  • Stabilize lifestyle
  • Resolve child support issues that complicate employment

Benefits of Working with Fatherhood Programs

  • Low-income, non-custodial parents and ex-offenders often seek the trusting environment of a fatherhood program versus governmental services
  • Fatherhood program staff can share case management
  • Produce value-added services that help access funding and improve outcomes for fathers
  • More than 10 years of experience in working with hard-to-employ fathers